Moscow automobile plant ZIL - giant domestic automotive industry. In August 2006 the plant celebrated its 90th anniversary. Pages past and present ZIL very accurately reflect the course of the history of our country. Millions of lives were closely connected with the fate of the plant. In 1924, there assembled the first domestic vehicle AMO-F-15. Design features of the machine ZIS-5V allowed in the most severe conditions of war to demonstrate outstanding performance and throughput. That ZIS-5 became the first domestic mass truck plant for years of release has collected more than half a million of these machines. After the war, in 50-60 years., The most actively developed intellectual and technical capabilities of the enterprise. It took shape one of the best engineering and scientific test areas of the country. Its developments and achievements benefited the whole country, the military. Technical and design solutions at that time still retain their relevance, are used in the manufacture of modern machines, not only for ZIL, and other domestic car factories. Over the years the company was awarded five Orders. The very name "ZIL" was not just the name of the plant - this is an era, the lives of several generations. Not easy during the perestroika years, and today the plant is marked persistent desire to maintain its leading position in the Russian automobile industry .

Today the plant on the basis of ZIL in conjunction with other factories manufactures a large range of trucks and special vehicles: municipal, road construction, garbage trucks, vacuum, Cesspool emptying, channels, and repair trucks, tank trucks, lift trucks.

In 2003, commercial production of ZIL-433 180 and ZIL-432 930 with diesel engines with power ratings increased rates of Minsk Engine Plant D-260.11E2 (180 hp) and D-245.9E2 (136 hp), which are certified corresponding to Euro-2.

Guide ZIL plant being reformed with all the modern trends and industry standards - and this is a deep modernization of the product line, and the introduction of new technologies, as well as thought-out personnel policies, the optimization of industrial structures, develop strategic partnerships with global auto giant.

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