Application of Product........


High Pressure Breathing air Compressor systems that are characterized by innovative technical solutions and quality.


Purifier cartridges have been developed indigenously and approved by Defence Ministry which give the Quality of Air conforming to International standard BS 4275.


Fast moving spare parts are kept in stock for supply at short notice, to minimise down time of compressors in use with the customer.


These compressors are used in:

• Hospitals
• Shipyards
• Large workshops
• Industrial use
• Fire Services
• Mines
• Underwater Diving
• Aircraft Engines
• Auto Industries
• Oil Exploration

Manufacturer of:

• Portable Water mist Fire Fighting System, most suitable for approaching buildings situated in narrow lanes where vehicles approach is difficult;

• Air Purifier Filter Cartridges for all models of High Pressure air Compressors. These Cartridges are tested and approved by highly rated Defence Laboratory in Mumbai (India).

Technical Specifications :


Charging Rate / Capacity 100 Ltr/Minute (3.5Cfm/6 Cum/Hr)
Max. Pressure 300 Bar
Working Pressure 200-300 Bar
Intake Pressure (Atmospheric)
Intake Temperature 5 Deg.C. To 40 Deg. C.
Final Temperature 5 Deg.C to 45 Deg.C
Cooling Air Cooled/Intercooler/After cooler Provided
Intake State Air Intake Filter Is Provided
Quality Of Outlet Air BS4001/DIN 3188/EN12021
No. Of Outlets 01 or 2
No. Of Stages 03
Safety Valves After each stage of Compression By Controlled Splash Lubrication
Motor Required 3 HP/2.2 KW
Weight Not More Than 60 Kg.
Prime Mover-Electric motor 3 ph. 415V 50HZ or Single Phase, 220 Volts
Diesel Engine Suitable
Petrol Engine Suitable
Pressure Gauge Provided for final stage.
Speed 2200 RPM max.

The compact dimensions of three stage Air cooled Compressor are light weight (approx..60 kgs).
Driven with electric motor single phase 220 volt/414 volt 3 phase 50 cycles, Motor 2.5 kw/petrol driven.
It is easy to transport and extremely reliable unit and is ideal for filling cylinders, water sports, fire fighting, medical services besides other uses.


Charging Rate/Capacity 140-195 Ltr/Minutes (5-7cfm minute)
Working Pressure 350 Bar
Max. Pressure 330 Bar
Intake Temperature 5 Deg. C to 45 Deg. C
Final Temperature Not more than 15 Deg.C of inlet temperature
Cooling Air Cooled/Intercooler/Aftercooler Provided
Intake State Air Intake Filter Is Provided
Quality Of Outlet Air Conforming to BS 4275/BS4001/EN12021
No. Of Outlets 02
No. Of Stages 03
Safety valves after each state of compression By Controlled splash
Weight Not more than 150 kgs.
Motor Required 5 Hp
Prime Mover-Electric motor 3 ph. Squirrel cage, 414V 50 HZ
Diesel Engine of Greaves Model 1080 as per requirement of customer.


Capacity 250 LPM
Operating pressure 200 & 300 BAR
Maximum working pressure 330 BAR
Intake Pressure 1/103 BAR
Intake Temperature 5 Deg.C. To 50 Deg. C.
Final Temperature Not more than 20 Deg.C of inlet temperature
Cooling Air Cooled
Intake State Air intake filter with suitable suction filter.
Quality Of Outlet Air As per international Standard EN 12021/DIN3188
No. Of Stage 3 (Three)
Filling hose Two (2) hoses with suitable adopters.
Noise level Noise level < 85 db at 1 meter distance.
Control Panel Start & Stop Switches, Emergency Stop Switch, Amp., Volt, Hr Mtr, Indicating Light,
Mehanical panel Pressure gauge 1st stage, Iind stage & final stage.
Safety valve Safety valve at each stage.
Pressure switch To set filling pressure & for Automatic Stop so that Compressor stops when cylinder filled to desired pressure.
Automatic drain Manual & Automatic drain will be provided.
Low oil protection Low oil protection to indicate if Oil Level in Compressor is Low. Compressor should shut down / not start if Oil level is low.
Trolley Common base frame with Trolly mounted lock wheel.
Compressor system The Compressor will be a multi stage Air cooled High Pressure Compressor with inter cooler between stages and after cooler after final stage, safety valve etc. The air should be sucked in via a suction filter to remove dust particles in air and then it should be compressed in the Compressor. After compression the moisture should be separated and air should be filtered in the main filter cartridge to remove all impurities to make it suitable for breathing.
Prime Mover Suitable 7.5 H.P. 3 Phase Electric Motor, 415 V, 50Hz, 2880 RPM of reputed make
Weight of the equipment <180 Kg.

Portable 3 stage Air cooled compressor designed to operate at maxmium working pressure 330 Bar and the charging rate of 140 lit/min. to 160 lit./min driven with 3 phase electric motor 414 volts 3 phase / diesel engine Greaves 1510 suitable for heavy duty service, Intercoller / after cooler provided safety valves at each stage.
Model is particularly suitable for long term operations in hospitals, mines, rescue works, Naval Dockyards under water diving duty etc.

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